The Song of ROCMELIA


     Can the eagle soar without wings?
           Has the lark no voice when she sings?
      Would you labor through the night
     Without the companion of a light?
              Do you dare walk the dark when alone,
                      Though, through it, was the one way home?

      The mountain is there, and the dot.
They offer sweet help, and a lot.
      For we in hard work see hard fun,
         Without them no FEAT can be done.
            Each climb toward the top that we do,
   Brings us joy the quest to renew.

        Take our hand, the staff of a friend.
        Side-by-side let us stride to the end.
                   Yes, we can make it. Together we will win.
A new life's waiting to begin.

The words of the song were written by Dr. Stephen Ohlander,
the musicwas created and performed by Dr. Robert E. Beasley
and his four sons, and the idea for this song was offered by Dr. Yuangshan Chuang.